During the COVID19 crisis, the PMC agency acted as a central purchasing hub for several million printed and unprinted face masks within the group and for external customers. These activities were carried out in close cooperation with the crisis team of Porsche Holding Salzburg, as well as the departments International Purchasing, Group Service and the Parts Sales Centre in Salzburg Wals. Our path in the area of face masks has led us from disposable masks to high-quality, sustainable 3-layer fabric masks with fleece inlay. All our masks are produced in EU countries where Porsche Holding is active. This means that our reusable fabric masks can save hundreds of thousands of disposable masks. In order to ensure the highest possible protection, not only the material in practice but also the design and above all the wearing comfort are decisive factors in the selection of suppliers. 2,000 employees of Porsche Holding have already been equipped and more than 20,000 others will follow in the coming weeks throughout Europe. But PMC has also had such masks produced for third-party customers. A good example is the original fabric masks for the children's TV channel Ric TV. PMC also designed the illustrations of Fix&Foxi for these special masks.

Other examples of face masks: